Thursday Round-Up: Band of Horses and Ghostfinger at Live on the Green, Willy T. House Party, Chris Crofton at The End, Bruce Springsteen on HBO



This is what I'm getting into tonight.

Between last week’s NBN festivities and last night’s Scene Best of Nashville party, it’s safe to say my liver and I are on the outs today. In fact, it’s after 2 p.m. and I think I’ve still got those spins I had when the bell sounded last cast call last night — or this morning, depending on how you look at. Consequently, I’ve resolved to make amends by recalibrating my ratio of liquor to water intake. In other words, I can’t make it out tonight — not only because I can’t afford to sink my bank balance further into the red with another $88 bar tab, but because The Promise, a documentary, uh, documenting the making of Bruce Springsteen's Darkness on the Edge of Town, will debut on HBO tonight. Schedule. Cleared. If you can’t relate to my state of being and mind when this evening rolls around and you’re looking to take to the town, you’ve got a lot options for fun and entertainment, here’s three of them:

* Option 1: Live on the Green featuring Band of Horses, Ghostfinger, Bryan Cates and The Spinderellas Hula Hoop Troupe

That’s right. Lightning 100’s Live on the Green series continues tonight with roots-y, rainy indie darlings Band of Horses headlining. Opening for those motherfuckers are those willy local aminals Ghostfinger, North Carolina’s Bryan Cates and The Spinderellas Hula Hoop Troupe. I did some due diligence on Cates and surfed over to his Myspace to see what that fucker of mothers (Motherfucker sounds so weird when it's broken up like that, doesn't it?) is all about and happened to like what I heard, which is a rarity. So what did I hear? Some lo-fi recordings of ear-catching throw-back pop songs that sound like they were written by a guy who really likes the Stones, Billy Bragg, and actually listens to that Nuggets box set he owns. One song kinda sounded like lo-fi Eagles though. BTW, I’ve been listening to a lot of Billy Bragg lately, so I’m kinda hearing that in everything, ya dig? If you’re looking for a Billy Bragg comparison to YOUR music, this is the week to send me some tracks for review. I’m telling you, you really don’t want to catch me on Rammstein week. I’ve also been listening to what most parents call, “that rap music,” which should explain all the “mothers” and “fuckers” in this post … I also still have the spins. As far as that Hula Hoop Troupe is concerned, I’ll give you one guess as to what they do during their act. (Hint: the answer’s not ventriloquism.) Their name reminded me of my affinity for the Coen Brothers’ underrated 1994 comedy, The Hudsucker Proxy. Maybe I’ll bust out my old VHS copy of that bitch after I finish watching that inevitably amazing Springsteen doc on HBO. That is, if I can stop weeping and I don’t run out of weed. Anyway, I’m guessing that The Spinderellas Hula Hoop Troupe sounds like every other Hula Hoop Troupe. The shit goes off at 6:30 p.m. This show is free, motherfuckers.

* Option 2: Willy T Presents a Show at Kelli Shay Hix’ House

In an email sent to the Scene yesterday, master guitarist/musician, luminary of the local and international indie-rock bailiwick and fantastic storyteller William Tyler alerted us to a show he’s putting on at local singer and multi-instrumentalist Kelli Shay Hix’ house — the address is 2914 Glenmeade Drive. Slated to appear is Steve Gunn, who Tyler describes as, “an awesome finger picker from NYC.” I’ve posted a video of him doing some of that awesome finger picking below. Check the shit out of it. Ross Gentry (aka Villages) will also bring it hard, as well as Tyler himself, who will perform under his Paper Hats moniker. This show is also free.

* Option 3: Chris Crofton’s Live Taping at The End

This show isn’t free, but it’ll probably be worth it. Chris Crofton. Y’all know this motherfucker. Don’t pretend like you don’t. He’s our resident podcast personality who took home this year’s Best of Nashville award in the category of “Best Phoenix Rising From The Ashes Of a Cancelled Radio Show” for his much loved The Chris Crofton Show. (That’s a category we have every year, by the way.) Check out the disturbingly amazing photo of him that appears with shiny glossy resonance in the 168 page print edition of the Best of … issue above, motherfuckers. Also in that very same dead tree edish, you can read my Critic’s Pick for the stand-up appearance Crofton will do, and record for future release, tonight. Or, you can just read it in the block quote below.

Most standup comedians aren’t funny. Chris Crofton is. If you’ve drunk your rock ’n’ roll nights away at the hallowed haunts of the local rock scene, kept your FM dial trained on WRVU before it was hobbled by administrative dickishness, or seen Harmony Korine’s latest perversion of cinematic narrative, Trash Humpers, then you already know that. In fact, at this point you’ve maybe even spoiled yourself on the comedian/bar-rocker/podcast personality’s intentionally uncomfortable challenging of the social contract. So what will separate this stand-up performance from all his others? Why do you owe it to him and yourself to make it out this go ’round? The answer isn’t that he’s gonna make fun of your band, chastise you for your fashion sense and detail his sexual escapades with your mother — although he will do that, too. The answer is that this show will be recorded and eventually released as a definitive record of C-Crof’s act — the title of the record will allegedly be Dope, Guns & Yukking in the Streets — and any live record needs a loud audience … heckling, cheering or gasping. Many of you Nashvillians are here to appear on records, so here’s your chance. Crofton tells the Scene that he’s even written and been shedding some new material especially for the occasion, saying, “I’m fairly certain it’ll be good.” Additionally, he claims the event will feature a John Rich dunking booth.

As stated previously, that show is at The End. It’ll start at 9 p.m., or whenever Bruce and Brad feel like it.

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