Open Thread: What Was Right With Next Big Nashville? What Was Wrong With Next Big Nashville?



What did you think? This is not a rhetorical question.

It’s been a week since the NBN festivities first kicked off. It’s in our rear-view mirrors. We’ve settled into our workweek. The boozy fog of last weekend’s debauchery has lifted, and now all we’re left with are the ringing ears, tattered wristbands and half-intact memories … oh, and The Spin, of course. So how was it? I really want to know. Not only do I want to know, so do the Next Big Nashville reps. You can go here and fill out a survey — brutal truthiness is encouraged — letting NBN head Jason Moon Wilkins and all his people know what you liked and disliked about the fest. Filling out the survey earns you the chance to win passes to next year’s NBN Summit.

But seriously, now. Let’s level about this. What are your criticisms? Your kudos? Do you think pitting locals’ showcases against one another reduces respective crowd sizes and creates an unnecessary air of hostility and competition? Conversely, do you think it encourages higher attendance across the board? Do you think booking national acts forces deserving locals off the bill, or do you think it gives NBN the credence it needs in its formative years? Should more venues be involved? Fewer? Just right? Did you like Third Man’s involvement this year? Was there enough diversity? Enough parties? Too many freeloaders? Not enough out-of-towners? Is NBN heading toward being more like SXSW, and is that what it needs? Or should it forge on in a new direction — create a more unique identity? Is Next Big Nashville the sort of shot in the arm that local music needs, or do they need to pull some sort of overhaul? Should NBN change its name if the organizers hope to become a top-tier festival? Did you discover anything new, or just find your favorite clubs inundated with the same old? Did you attend any of the panels/summit events? How about the Scene/Cream’s coverage? Were we helpful in getting you where you wanted to be, or were there things we didn’t cover that you would have liked to see?

Now, it’s important to remember something in all of this: Let’s be constructive and civil, shall we? Whether you were thrilled by this year’s festivities or let down in some respect, a lot of people worked very hard — for little or no money — to try to show this town a good time and boost the local music scene. Please share your thoughts, but let’s not be trolls about it.

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