Next Big Nashville: The Pink Spiders, Majestico & The Lonely H at The End, 10/2/10



  • Photo: Steve Cross

After a few days of hitting up various venue about town to soak in some complimentary booze and grub, it wasn’t too much a change of pace to find most of the same regulars doing very much the same at The Cannery Ballroom on Saturday. Only this time it was in celebration of nuptials involving none other than legendary local talent booker John Bruton. It is for this reason The Spin stayed true to our tardy roots and showed up halfway through the showcase at The End.

Confusion was instantaneous when, contrary to the itinerary we were given, The Kindergarten Circus were not onstage. Given their side project D. Watusi had played Third Man less than an hour earlier, it made sense that the schedule was either a misprint or had been shuffled around. Instead, The Lonely H were riffing on some bluesy bar rock that didn’t quite sock us in the gut like the K-Circus would have, but then, this band was on average twice their age and probably left all that angst behind years ago. (We also missed Action!, which is totally like us.)

  • Photo: Steve Cross
  • Majestico

Following up were Majestico, who are prone to kicking out amplified tantrums of bluesy psychedelic jangle. Good stuff.

  • Photo: Steve Cross
  • The Pink Spiders

It was just a few years ago we saw The Pink Spiders play this same festival across the street, before a much larger audience, with much fancier equipment, sporting much fancier duds, and a great deal more hype preceding them. It’s a short fall from the top and an incredibly long journey back up. However, seeing the band in plain clothes on a simple stage in front of a small crowd composed entirely of friends and hardcore fans, wiped free of any pretense, hype or hardcore street drugs, one could see plainly all that’s left was a talented rock n roll band with some great songs to which the rest of has had no difficulty or reluctance to sing along.

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