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With more than a million views on YouTube, it’s lookin’ like people are digging hard on that Kyle Andews video with the record-breaking water balloon fight in it. Bob Lefsetz isn’t one of them. In a Tweet, uh, Tweeted earlier this afternoon, the music industry blogger, pundit and man of newsletters called Andrews out and then called him an "ASSHOLE" (that’s right, all caps) for aping Australian singer-songwriter Ben Lee’s 2007 clip for his song “Love Me Like the World Is Ending.” His Tweet read:

Kyle Andrews video is a direct rip-off of Ben Lee's video...ASSHOLE!

I can say from personal experience that Kyle Andrews is far from an asshole. (He’s a super nice dude, in fact.) But having just watched booth videos side-by-side on a split screen, I can attest that Lefsetz — whose previous beefs have been with the likes of Kid Rock and Gene Simmons — does have a point regarding the first part of his statement.

Each video features its respective fresh-faced troubadour troubing it up between two warring sides of a water balloon fight. As the front lines fire away, hilarity ensues and people — especially our protagonists — get really, really wet. There are differences of course: Lee’s video is three minutes and 49 seconds long, while Andrews’ video clocks in at only three minutes and 1 second. But, what Andrews’ clip lacks in run time it makes up for in Adam’s ale, as his video boasts what’s said to have been a world record for largest balloon fight — featuring 4,000 fighters and 120,000 buoyant projectiles — while Lee’s video only features, well, less than that. In Lee’s video, he’s wearing a white suit, while Andrews wears big yellow overalls and a blue T-shirt. Also, Andrews is sporting some facial hair and a pair of spectacles. Lee: clean-shaven, no glasses. The songs are also different too. See for yourself:

Kyle Andrews - "You Always Make Me Smile"

Ben Lee - "Love Me Like the World Is Ending"

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