Wolf Parade: New Video for 'Yulia,' Show at Exit/In Nov. 22



Yesterday, Wolf Parade non-embedably debuted the new video for their song "Yulia," off the new album Expo 86. In it, a guy from the Soviet Union flies to Planet Space, something goes wrong, and his girlfriend puts on a helmet, then takes off the helmet and also all of her clothes and goes swimming, possibly drowning herself. This video is like Apollo 13 to How I Became the Bomb's A New Hope.

D.P.R. reviewed Expo 86 as part of his Record a Day project, and he liked it. I think I have a copy here somewhere, but I'm not sure where it is. Can I get an intern over here? Anyway, Wolf Parade come to Nashville to play Exit/In on Nov. 22, with a band called Orge You Asshole, which, awesome name, obviously.

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