Jason Moon Wilkins on HuffPo, The Stage Opening in Austin, Symphony Returns to the 'Horn [Newsy Bits]


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A few quick newsy bits for your Thursday afternoon.

* Mike Ragogna interviews Next Big Nashville's Jason Moon Wilkins for The Huffington Post. A key JMW quote, from a pretty interesting talk: "I guess the sad part to me about what's going on from a business standpoint is the biodiversity of the music business. There used to be middle class—the Grant Lee Buffalos and Sonic Youths of the world. I worry about those kinds of bands a little bit because they had to help major labels to get them through certain periods, even though we view them as independent. It's hard to sustain yourself completely as an independent, especially with how fickle blogs are, you know?" Fickle blogs? Why, we never ... [The Huffington Post]

* The Stage on Broadway will be opening a new location — in Austin. (You know, that city in Texas that's trying to woo the Americana Music Association festival away from Nashville.) It'll be called The Stage on Sixth and be located, y'know, on Sixth. [The Tennessean]

* The Nashville Symphony will return to the Schermerhorn on Dec. 31, president and CEO Alan Valentine announced yesterday. Repairing the Schermerhorn from flood damage — water came within inches of reaching the floor of the performance hall — cost $40 million. [WSMV]


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