Luke Roberts, 'Unspotted Clothes'



"I was born into a charismatic-nondenominational family in Nashville, TN.. My mother sang hymns and spoke in tongues. My dad played bluegrass. I hopped trains for the first time when I was eleven years old under the Ben Allen Bridge in East Nashville." So begins Luke Roberts' description of himself in the catalog notes for his album Big Bells and Dime Songs, released on Ecstatic Peace. Here's the video for "Unspotted Clothes," filmed on the highway to Hell, in a parking garage and in some sort of public fountain, with smoke and fire and bikinis besides. One of the more captivating music videos I've seen in a while. Whatever, Gaga.

UPDATE: The video is directed by Nashville filmmaker and rapscallion James Clauer, whose short film "Aluminum Fowl" ruffled feathers at Sundance in 2008. He's currently editing his first full-length feature, which he shot in Nashville over the last few months. Working title: When the World's on Fire.

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