Relevant Parking Lot: You Tell Concerts' Crystal Castles Video Gets Alt Reported



I think everyone who reads this blog knows we're big fans of You Tell Concerts' post-show videos. It slipped my mind when they posted the video for the recent Crystal Castles show at The Cannery, but here it is. Of all the blogs on all the Internets, The Alt Report beat us to posting it Sunday. Here's an excerpt:

Just watched some youtube journalist interview a bunch of ‘CC fans’ after their show in Nashville Tennessee. Didn’t really know there was an indie core 8bit scene over there, but seems like all of these ‘goth alts’ really loved ‘the live energy’ of the show. Not really sure about Nashville’s Music Scene, but think they prefer ‘honky ass’ rock n roll or something.

Ha ha. (HT: Steve Cross.)

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