Next Big Nashville 2010: There's an App for That, if You're Into That Kind of Thing



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If you're going to Next Big Nashville and have an iPhone, here's some awesome news: The NBN app is ready. You can use it to keep track of the schedule, the venues, the bands, the parties and your own personal itinerary that you created, which will sync with the app if you update it on the web. (If you used the Bonnaroo app this year, this will feel familiar, since it's made by the same people.) That is, if you have an iPhone. If you don't have one of these magical devices, I hope you're having fun in the past you can still make your personalized schedule online and then try to remember it for those long, long minutes between not looking at your computer anymore and arriving at the venue. Wait, which venue? What band are you going to see? You forgot? Well, just check your — oh, right. You still have a Chocolate or something, don't you?

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