Weekend Round-Up: Fall Fail Style


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What the hell?! I know complainin' about the Tennessee weather certainly isn't original, but this is clearly getting ridiculous. It's the first week of fall and high temps are still approaching 100. I've lived in the greater Nashville area every summer of my life, and I don't recall anything like this. There should be a cover story on this. Someone call Al Gore.

Anyway, you know what's great? Air conditioning. And you know what places have air conditioning? Music venues. Though a lot of bands are taking the weekend off in preparation for next week's NBN festivities, there's still a pleasant selection. Tonight, you're looking at The Long Players doing CSNY, Korean Is Asian with Cassino, some bangin' DJs, Luke and the Late Nights and the admiral of the Yacht Rock Navy — Michael McDonald, duh. Saturday offers Jenny [Lewis] & Johnny [Rice] — whose debut is more impressive than I expected — not to mention Bassnectar, Grimey's annual Big-Ass Sale and tributes to The Ramones, Guided by Voices and Van Halen. Come Sunday, don't forget about Janelle Monae w/Of Montreal. Music listings man Adam Gold has gathered up the hotness, which you may peep after the jump. Let us know what we missed, and try to keep your balls on. As opposed to, you know, sweating them off.


* Korean Is Asian w/Cassino & Aaron Robinson at The Basement

* The Long Players Perform CSNY’s Déjà Vu at Mercy Lounge

* James Wallace and the Naked Light w/Evan McHugh, The Little Bear & Army and Me at The 5 Spot

* DJs Creative Control and Amerigo Gazaway Album Release Party feat. DJs Kidsmeal & Gummy Soul at The End

* Tony Joe White at Exit/In

* Luke and the Late Nights at Douglas Corner

* The Jake Leg Stompers at Family Wash

* Little Queen: Queen Tribute w/UZ00: U2 Tribute at 3rd & Lindsley

* Michael McDonald at Lipscomb’s Allen Arena

The rest is here.


* Jenny and Johnny w/Eternal Summers & Whispertown at Mercy Lounge

* 12th South Concert Series feat. Davey Ukulele and the Gag Time Gang at Sevier Park

* Grooveyard at 3rd & Lindsley

* Bassnectar w/Eskmo & Fiastine at Limelight

* Ronnie Bowman and Dan Tyminski at Station Inn

* Grimey’s and The Basement’s Fall Festival and Big-Ass Sale at Grimey’s

* Black September w/Yautja at Little Hamilton

* The Great Affairs w/Lost Pages, The Branded Sons & The Shazam at 12th and Porter

* Warthog: Ramones Tribute w/Teenage F.B.I.: Guided by Voices Tribute at The 5 Spot

* Fair Warning: Van Halen Tribute at The Basement

* Gabraham Vitek w/Rae Herring at The End

* Salvation: Goth Industrial Night at The Rutledge

* Horror Hootenanny feat. Psychocharger, The Creeping Cruds, Spookhand & Alucard at Muse

* Will Hoge w/Josh Hoge & Angie Aparo at The Tin Roof

* Boombox at Exit/In

* Michael McDonald at Lipscomb’s Allen Arena

* Black Pedal Festival featuring Modernhell, Worker, Old Hands, Dependency, Guide Murdock, Goodbye Apathy, Tired Heart, Hysteria, Thieves Seraphim & Blacklist Royals at Rocketown

* Musicians Corner feat. Danny Salazar, Alvin Love, Verlon Thompson, Kazique Band & more at Centennial Park

The rest is here.


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