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This Is the album art.
  • This Is the album art.
Middle-Tennessee music fans still lamenting last year’s (partial) breakup of Hotpipes have cause to rejoice today, as remaining ’Pipes Jon Rogers and Dan Sommers have just posted four tracks previewing their long-awaited posthumous LP — The Bear & the Astronaut — on Bandcamp. Rogers and Sommers have — with the help of producer and honorary member Jeremy “Battle Tapes” Ferguson — been working on this record for the better part of a year now and it shows. It’s slated for release (on vinyl) April 11.

On first listen, it’s clear that the dissolution of the band’s full lineup that took them out of rotation on our club stages hasn’t slowed down the creative growth that made 2008’s Future Bolt a local rock staple, as these tracks take that record’s bombastic burst of anthemic hooks, sky-scraping vocals and upside-down rhythms a step or 10 further. Here, the pair of ‘Pipes and their producer sound like a virtual indie-glam symphony, embellishing these dramatic, clever pop tunes with a dense mélange of fuzzed-out synths, shimmering glockenspiels, and even horns that adorn the skewed blast of big guitars and bigger drums familiar to fans of their earlier work. With all its crisp, piercing production these recordings recall the sonic stylings of Flaming Lips’ knob-twiddler David Fridmann — and that’s a good thing. I can’t wait to hear the full-length. In the meantime, take a listen to the track below, then surf over to the band’s, uh, camp to hear the rest.

<a href="">Ohio Will by Hotpipes</a>

Hotpipes - “Ohio Will”

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