Third Man Records Debuts 'Triple Decker Record' for The Dead Weather's 'Blue Blood Blues'



Crack your records when youre at home, like an ice cream cone!
  • Crack your records when you're at home, like an ice cream cone!
So what do you call a 12-inch record that's got a 7-inch record inside it that you have to break open the 12-inch record to get? If you're Jack White, you call it a Triple Decker Record. According to this demo video on the Third Man Records site, the new 12-inch single for The Dead Weather's "Blue Blood Blues" will be the first such offering. After you've presumably listened to the 12-inch as many times as you're going to listen to it, you have to then crack it open to get to the 7-inch record inside, which White describes as "unreleased." At least until you release it, right?

According to J.W., this is "one of the many mind games we like to play with ... you, here at Third Man Records." If you like mind games, you can head over to Third Man this Friday, when the Triple Decker goes on sale. It's kind of like the Crunch Wrap Supreme of vinyl records!

(On a side note: Isn't this really a Double Decker Record, since there are two records, or a Quadruple Decker Record, because there are four total sides? I mean, KFC's Double Down has two chicken patties instead of bread — making it a Double Down. Ah well, I guess anything made by Third Man is gonna be a Triple whatever-you-call-it.) Now, if TMR would only come up with some sort of ... thingy ... that snapped onto an iPhone but was also a little record you could play on a turntable. Now that would mess with my miiiiind!

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