Keegan DeWitt's 'Say La La' Remixed by Jensen Sportag, Uncle Skeleton and More



You know that local scorer of films and writer of songs Keegan DeWitt just recently released an EP by the name of Nothing Shows, which is the first-ever non-session release from Daytrotter, and that someone from the Cream referred to the track "Say La La" as "way more effervescent and Tears-for-Fears-y than we're accustomed to from K.D." Here it is if you've not heard it yet/need a refresher:

Now a squad of remixers — Jensen Sportag, Unkle Skeleton, Wild Cub, Youth Club and Sun Ray Estate — have sunk their faders into the song and come out with, as you might imagine, rather different iterations of the tune. Not surprisingly, Jensen Sportag's remix is the most laid-back, and Uncle Skeleton's the wooziest. Head on over to DeWitt's Bandcamp page and get to downloading, for this EP is free.

(Via @keegandewitt.)

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