Harlem Tonight at The End w/Heavy Cream, Girls in the Eighties, D. Watusi



Harlem are into shit you don't even know, and they will be at The End tonight, with the rocking rock of Heavy Cream, the elusive "bedroom-to-Stereogum" sounds of Girls in the Eighties and the rocky jams of D. Watusi, aka Dillon from Kindergarten Circus. As you'll recall, D.P.R. had a few things to say about the globetrotting dudes of Harlem last time they rolled through:

Newest additions to the Matador Records roster Harlem originally hail from Tuscon, but the garage-punk trio seems to have gotten the hell out of Dodge just in the nick of time. And yes, by “Dodge,” I mean “Arizona.” Now based in Austin, Harlem make a fuzzy, lo-fi sort of rock ’n’ roll that, to quote myself, “is delivered with stoned indifference and a dash of sunshine-pop influence.” Sure, you could say outfits like The Black Lips do the whole modern-day Seeds/Sonics/13th Floor Elevators thing pretty well — and have been doing it longer — but Harlem don’t ditch strong melodies in favor of sloppy aesthetics. As loose and unrefined as they may be, they have undeniable pop know-how. And with 16 songs on their full-length debut, Hippies, as well as a propensity for instrument-swapping and general live antics, $8 seems an awfully small price to pay, right?

Rock o'clock at The End.

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