Hey Look, the Next Big Nashville 2010 Schedule Is Up



The Next Big Nashville schedule is live, so if you haven't already pieced together your plans by way of the slow trickle of information that's been leaking from bands, venues and word of mouth, then jump into the big pool, check out who's up against who, start organizing your shuttle-hopping itinerary and save your personalized NBN plan over here. (We hear there's some sort of mobile app in the works, too, but don't quote us on that. This is just the Internet, after all.) Can you see Yeasayer and still catch Elf Power and Wavves? (Yes!) Will you be able to see Keegan DeWitt and Meghan Shahnaz Kabir (formerly FlashMob) too? (No!) Can you make it to see Sam & Tre, Heartbeater, Peelander-Z and Mashville? (Probably!)

I still get thrown, at least for a minute, by the whole Thursday-night's-headliner-actually-appears-on-Friday part of the schedule — it's more of a problem when you select an individual day, as opposed to when you're browsing the overall schedule — but I do manage to still see the shows I want to see ever year, so I guess it's not too hard, even for me. If you start feeling overwhelmed by all the choices, you can also sort by venue, which de-clutters the view. Here's just Mercy Lounge, for example. There do seem to be some shows missing, though — nothing's listed yet for Third Man Records, where we hear Nashville's Dead will be holding down with some of the bands you'd expect to be playing a Nashville's Dead show at Third Man. We're still 21 days out, so I bet that lineup gets firmed up well before then.

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