Memphis' House of Blues Recording Studio Is Moving to Nashville ... Literally. Seriously, Literally



My Fox Memphis reports that House of Blues' famed Studio D will soon be moving to Nashville. And by "moving," I don't mean, "OK, let's gather up all this stuff and put it in a new building." Oh no, I quite literally mean "moving." The building is being transported up I-40 via wide-load truck. The report makes no mention of where the building will end up, but deductive reasoning leads me to believe it will be transplanted alongside House of Blues Nashville's other buildings — HOB Nashville's website calls the Berry Hill complex a "three, soon to be four-building facility."

HOB's Mike Paragone notes that artists as diverse as The Bar-Kays (!), Collective Soul and Matchbox Twenty have recorded at the Memphis location. Hey ... remember when The Spin spotted half of Matchbox Twenty at Patterson House? Yeah, that almost certainly has absolutely nothing to do with this move. Anyhow, "sour note" for Memphis' music scene, but a welcome addition to Music City.

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