Kyle Andrews' Kangaroo EP out Today; Fresh Vid for 'You Always Make Me Smile' and Release Show Sept. 3



Are you ready for the Kyle Andrews multimedia onslaught?! His brand-new EP, Kangaroo, is out today on Elephant Lady Records, and he's playing a release show at Mercy Lounge on Sept. 3. Look for my Critic's Pick in this week's forthcoming glossy. (Sneak preview: I call Andrews "sweetly doleful but uplifting.")

You might recall that "You Always Make Me Smile" was selected as the soundtrack for Holiday Inn's national "Stay You" ad campaign. Well, now Kyle's got the above video to accompany the song, which allegedly is a "world record-breaking" one, featuring "120,000 balloons and 4,000 people." Filter Magazine is also featuring a free download of the tune "Lov3r" from Kangaroo.

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