Dancing With the Stars: Kings of Leon Loose Feet to Chromeo



To quote a parody, “Cocaine is a helluva drug.” Par for the course, in recent years Canada has gifted the world with a legal form of the narcotic — which has all its redeemable qualities, like life-problem-solving, inhuman bursts of energy, flourishes of extroversion and exhibitionism, but without the drip, shrinkage, bad decisions, untimely heart-attacks, depleted bank accounts and felony convictions. It’s called Chromeo. Whether you love or just like the Montreal Yaz-meets-Ray-Parker-Jr. electrofunk rivalists, you simply can’t deny the infectious power of their yayo-on-wax grooves.

Case in point: the cellphone video above. Reportedly shot Monday in England and tweeted yesterday by Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Followill, the veritable Breakin’ remake candidly captures brothers Caleb and Jared, cousin Matthew (FTW!) and some other guy, cuttin’ a rug — or, in this case, a yacht deck — to Chromeo’s “Needy Girl” in an uninhibited dance-off worthy of some viral high fives. Which is what the band are getting from fans and foes alike as the video spans the globe via Twitter and Facebook, pacifying their palates as they salivate for new material.

With Chromeo set to galvanize party-starved Nashvillians with their ear candy tomorrow night, this clip couldn’t have come at a better time, as it previews the antics likely to light up the Cannery Ballroom.

In other words, did we just get served?

In loosely related KOL news, Nathan Followill recently told Absolute Radio that audiences on the band’s summer-tour-still-in-progress are having trouble discerning the set list selections from their forthcoming LP Come Around Sundown, from those pre-dating their chart-dominance:

The other night there was someone on the front row and we had played a new song, and then we played "Trani" which is off our first album …I saw the girl look at another girl and say, "Is this another new song?"

While Followill’s statement all but quashes any expectations that his band intends on throwing us any aural curve-balls by incorporating a Chromeo influence into Sundown — slated for release Oct. 19 — the dance-off video arouses suspicions that the band may abandon their trademark sedentary stage-stances in favor of a pop-and-lock routine or two. So, whaddya think? Should the brothers Followill start bustin’ out these steps on the reg?

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