Conan, Natural Child, Turbo Fruits Get 7-Inchy [Newsy Bits]



* That Conan O'Brien 7-inch, "And They Call Me Mad," is now available from Third Man Records. It's a madcap take on the legend of Frankenstein! And the B-side is an interview with CoCo conducted by Jack White. There's also a limited-edition version (100 copies) being sold at the store for $100, with all those proceeds going to ReTune Nashville, the nonprofit working to help uninsured musicians replace their flood-destroyed gear. No word yet on when that big ol' "Live at Third Man" 12-inch is coming out.

* Natural Child have a new 7-inch, too — “White Man’s Burden” b/w “Ray Thompson’s Blues” and “Bang My Head.” There are 250 of these, available now on vinyl of indeterminate color from Infinity Cat. Here's a video of Natural Child not playing any of those songs, and also telling an Eric Clapton joke.

* Turbo Fruits have put up a mono mix of a new song called "Where the Stars Don't Shine" on their MySpace. As The Spin mentioned after T.F. opened for Colour Revolt at Mercy, the boys recorded some new tunes at Battle Tapes for an upcoming 7-inch to be released on their new label, Turbo Time. This new one's what we've come to expect from the Fruits — gritty, mom-disapproved rock 'n' roll.

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