Colour Revolt & Turbo Fruits at Mercy Lounge, 8/19/10



  • Photo: Lance Conzett

We’ve had August 19 marked on our calendars for weeks and weeks now. First of all, we knew newly semi-local rock outfit Colour Revolt were kicking off their tour — in support of their brand-new release, The Cradle — that night with Turbo Fruits at Mercy Lounge. (By the way, if you haven’t yet seen the debut of our video series Conference Call, in which Colour Revolt frontman Jesse Coppenbarger stops by Scene HQ to play a couple of tunes solo-style, view that post-haste.) But also, August 19 is our older sister’s birthday, meaning before we could check out some heavy, local-flavored indie rock on Cannery Row, we had to make our way out to a certain outlying suburb in order to watch big sis blow out the candles. Such is the plight of The Spin: honest, hardworking family folks by day (kinda … not really), rock ’n’ rollers by night.

Once we’d made it back from the suburban no-man’s-land known as Greater Nashville — an excursion that mostly consisted of giving our family a tutorial on how to use the Internet — we opted to head straight to Mercy. We’d say the place was somewhere around half-full (not too bad) as Turbo Fruits burned through their set. Now, we’ve probably seen the Fruits about 34 times since their inception — including back when it was just a gangly teenage Jonas Stein and now-long-gone drummer John Eatherly playing MC5- and T. Rex-inspired songs about weed and good-lookin’ ladies. Now, it’s Stein and a whole different cast of dudes — including a brand-new second guitarist named Kingsley … that’s seriously his name — playing MC5- and T. Rex-inspired songs about pot and fine-lookin’ honeys. Truth be told, the addition of Kingsley on guitar seems to have given the rest of the dudes a bit of breathing room. They’re still doing the blues- and Southern-leaning garage-punk thing, and they’re still rocking most ferociously, but some of their newer tunes have a mellow, soul-infused kind of angle to them. We dig it.

Before Colour Revolt took the stage, we got a minute to talk to a couple Turbo Fruits, who are honestly our nominees for Hardest Touring Rock Band in the States — they’re seriously on the road about 49 weeks of the year. They’ve apparently been tracking at local studio Battle Tapes lately in preparation for a long series of 7-inch releases. Hopefully we’ll hear a bit more on that before too long, but as it stands, we’re intrigued.

As Coppenbarger and his crew of road-tested rock dudes took the stage, we noticed that Mercy had killed all of the overhead stage lights, instead using a pair of common desk lamps to illuminate Colour Revolt. It was kind of appropriately cinematic, really, given CR’s verbose, prickly brand of sludgy, ’90s-inspired indie rock. They played as a five-piece, and totally delivered album-quality renditions of tunes off The Cradle — from the dueling, jagged guitars to Coppenbarger’s throaty, affected holler. We get Colour Revolt: It’s caustic, lyrical rock ’n’ roll for dudes who like Fugazi and Silkworm and early Modest Mouse. It’s tough, it’s thoughtful, and it’s not for everybody, but “8 Years” is totally our jam. So godspeed to Colour Revolt as they take to the road. We're sure they'll knock ’em dead.

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