Love Don't Let Me Down Now Called Country Strong; Also, Paltrow's Titular Tune



Photo by Scott Garfield; © 2010 Screen Gems, Inc.
  • Photo by Scott Garfield; © 2010 Screen Gems, Inc.
Remember when I wrote that feature back in March about Love Don't Let Me Down shooting here? Sure you do. You know, it's the flick starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Tim McGraw, Garrett Hedlund — star of the upcoming Tron: Legacy — and gossip girl Leighton Meester. It also features a whole bunch of local and locally affiliated musicians, including Jim Lauderdale, Doug Frasure, John Deaderick, John Bohlinger, Chris Clark, Amanda Shires, Neal Casal, Bucky Baxter, Skylar Wilson, Loney Hutchins, Ian Fitchuck, Chris Scruggs, Cory Younts and Josh Graham.

Aaaanyway, it looks as though the Shana Feste-penned, heartfelt romp has undergone a name change, from the mouthful Love Don't Let Me Down to the punchy, is-what-it-is moniker Country Strong. "Country Strong" also happens to be the name of a "single" "released" by "Kelly Cantor" — aka the fictional character portrayed by Gwyneth Paltrow. Paltrow herself sings on the track, which is coated in totally passable Music City sheen. Kelly Canter's website, which posted the track, initially looked like it might have been intended as a viral sort of thing — the first post was titled "Legendary Record Exec’s Final Discovery, Kelly Canter, Becomes the Newest Recording Artist on RCA Records Nashville," and it discussed Canter as though she were an actual human and not, you know, a character. Since then, it's mostly been all press bits about G-Pal's interviews regarding Love Don't Let Me Down, er, I mean Country Strong. The film's IMDB profile has some fancy new stills, and you can hear "Country Strong" at The film is currently slated for a Dec. 22 release.

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