Mitch Easter Tonight at The Basement


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Talk about a guy who's been around the block of rock. Mitch Easter's in town, and you should probably go see him. Here's Gold from this week's Picks:

If you like rock ’n' roll, which you probably do, and if you like R.E.M.'s seminal I.R.S. period, which you probably should, then you like Mitch Easter. One of the capital architects of the legendary Southern jangle-pop sound of the '80s, Easter manned the dials behind Athens' finest, producing their era-defining debut Murmur and its to-the-next-level follow-up Reckoning. His other various production, engineering and sideman credits include left-of-the-dial staples like The dB's Stands for Decibels, Pylon's Chomp, Suzanne Vega's Solitude Standing, Dinosaur Jr.'s Whatever's Cool With Me, Pavement's Brighten the Corners and Archers of Loaf's swan song White Trash Heroes — a pedigree that overshadows his own artistic output as the former frontman for underappreciated North Carolina jangle-pop laureates Let's Active. In 2007, after enjoying a 30-year-plus career as a man behind the curtain carving out indie-rock's cornerstones, Easter delivered his debut solo record, Dynamico. Easter wrote, produced and engineered each dynamic track, and performed nearly every instrument. The record deftly condenses the sonic sensibilities he so generously lent to rock's true alternative artists for three decades. Come on out, if only to try to shake his hand and say thanks.

The information we have says this will be an early one: 7 p.m., with Tim Lee3 opening, $7. How about a video?


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