Weekend Round-Up: Where's Goldo Style



Can ya find him?! Whatevs.
  • Can ya find him?! Whatevs.
So our trusty music listings editor, Adam Gold, has been missing from the office this week. Where has he been? Well, we've narrowed it down. He's either: A) working on an important cover story at home that I'm super-proud of him for; B) in Chicago covering yet another music festival of some sort; or C) imprisoned somewhere on a cartoon beach. First person to find Gold in that image over there can come claim a prize pack from me! When I say "prize pack," I really mean the first four or five things I see on my desk ... like, this Alan Jackson promo CD, some of those ridiculous-looking sunglasses they give you at the optometrist, a really big rubber band, some ketchup packets and another CD or two you probably won't like. But I'm not mailing this stuff to you ... you have to come get it. Enticing, I know.

Anyhow, there's some pretty solid stuff going on this weekend. Talkin' about the Southern Girls Rock 'n' Roll Camp Showcase down in Murfreesboro, Halloween in July at The Rutledge, De Novo Dahl launching their artists' collective with Fly Golden Eagle and more at The 5 Spot — that's my pick for the weekend — Max and the Wild Things' CD release, Jazz and Jokes at The Belcourt, Kink Ador with The Ettes and way more. Have a look after the jump; old Gold put together a list before disappearing into whatever realm it is he's currently inhabiting. Let us know what we missed, and have a safe weekend.


* Max and the Wild Things CD Release Party feat. The Roses, They Grayces & The Pipeline at The End

* Tommy Womack w/Matt Urmy & Ned Van Go at The French Quarter

* The Hangouts w/The Ex Optimists at Little Hamilton

* Kink Ador w/The Ettes & Mother/Father at 12th & Porter

* The Jompson Brothers w/Furious Primates & The Jason Childs Band at The Basement

* Keith Moody and My Band w/Hurricane Doyle & The Andy Shaw Band

* Valentine Saloon w/Angelbone at Mercy Lounge

* Audrey Spillman w/Angel Snow, Natalie Pras & Alva Leigh at Third & Lindsley

* Kat Jones w/Orion at Family Wash

The rest is here.


* De Novo Dahl and The Family Tree feat. Oh Dang Lo Mein, Channing and Quinn, Fly Golden Eagle, Paris Ontario, Tiger Tears, Heather Millington, The Black Shades! & more at The 5 Spot

* Southern Girls Rock 'n' Roll Camp Showcase at Siegel High School

* Mike Farris and the Roseland Rhythm Revue w/Greg Mangus at Mercy Lounge

* Jazz and Jokes at The Belcourt

* One Divine Evening feat. We Were the States, Santa, The Outlaw Lovers & Cody Blaine at The End

* Musicians Corner feat. Gabriel Kelley Elenowen, Madi Diaz & more at Centennial Park

* Jeffrey Novak and the Looking Glass at Grimey's

* Bass Science w/Truly Grimy, Colby Buckler & Fresh2Death at Exit/In

* Halloween in July After-Party feat. Telecommunicators, The Kingston Springs & Run With Bulls at The Rutledge

The rest is here.

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