De Novo Dahl and Friends Launch Family Tree Art Collective, Saturday Night at The 5 Spot



I mentioned in the round-up that De Novo Dahl will be launching Family Tree on Saturday night at The 5 Spot, so that's all well and good. But what is Family Tree? So glad you asked. It's an arts collective headed up by Joel J. Dahl. I'll let my pick do the talkin':

If you’re looking for a packed-to-the-gills, get-your-money’s-worth, unrelenting pop onslaught of a show, you’re not going to do any better than The 5 Spot tonight. There’s the dark, lush indie pop that hosts De Novo Dahl proved they’ve mastered on this spring’s release, Tigerlion. Then there’s the precious, twee-tinged acousti-pop of coed duo Channing and Quinn. And of course there’s — my favorite — the prurient, synth-laden dance pop of Fly Golden Eagle, whose latest, BoreUs, features enough contagious riffs and exhilarating, feel-good vocals to make even the most austere of music fans wiggle their respective rumps. So what’s with the epic lineup? It’s all part of the launch of Family Tree, an arts collective spearheaded by De Novo Dahl frontman Joel J. Dahl. The plan for Family Tree is not only to release free songs, visual art, poetry, recipes and essays each week, but also to organize public service projects and benefits for local charities. “Art can be vain a lot of the time,” says Dahl, “so we have been trying to develop this thing to be something that gives.” Rounding out the bill are Oh Dang Lo Mein, Paris Ontario, Tiger Tears, Heather Millington, The Black Shades and more.

According to Dahl, Family Tree's website will launch tomorrow, but as for right now, there's nothing at the site. Personally, as history will tell you, I'm a fan of collectives when they're productive and meaningful. Sounds to me like Dahl & Co. are really trying to do good things with this one. I'm into it. Also, that Fly Golden Eagle album is off the damn chain.

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