Video Round-Up: Commercial With the Locals, D. Striker, Milktooth & Dirt Nasty’s YTC



* So you know how this fella by the name of David Shamban is always making awesome commercials for potential clients starring local rock dudes? There was the TurboTax one and the Nokia one? Well the above advert is for Bounty, and it features rock dudes Steve Poulton (Altered Statesman), Ben Martin (Tristen, Caitlin Rose, Lone Official, et cetera) and more. Martin’s lookin’ hard as hell with that axe.

* You know what’s coming up? Friday the 13th. You know what that means. It’s about time for another dose of our favorite local trad-country jester, D. Striker. This time he’ll be at Billy’s Idle Hour rather than his typical haunt (The 5 Spot), and he’s got a promo vid for us all to enjoy. Come on down!

* There’s a new video for Milktooth’s song “Arrows,” and it looks pretty great. I’ve always wondered about that name … Milktooth. If you knock a tooth out, you’re supposed to put it in milk to preserve it, right? Kind of like how if you cut your finger off, you put it on ice. Fingerice. Anyway, video looks great.

* It’s been a while since we checked in on the good folks at You Tell Concerts, but they recently worked their magic at Dirt Nasty’s 12th & Porter show. Over to you, Chrystal.

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