Torche Tonight at Exit/In



Torche melty
About that face of yours — how about a little melty melty? Thunder-poppin' daddies Torche are playing Exit/In tonight, and maybe you should go. Do you like the low end? Do you like the doom but also the pop? Again, maybe you should go. From Matt Sullivan's reckoning in the the current glossy edition:

"[W]here a lot of bands have sought extra heaviness by tuning their guitars down from the standard E to D or C, guitarist Steve Brooks calls his lowest string the "bomb string," which he jokes is tuned to Z. It's actually a bass string that's more or less tuned to the lowest discernible note — the sludge-metal equivalent of going to 11."

Yeah, dude. The bomb string. Show starts at 9 p.m., with Beings (ex-Floor, Cavity!, Nobuhjest) opening.

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