KORT's Album Art, Hands Off Cuba's Music Video, Kyle Andrews' Ad Campaign and Caitlin Rose & Mona's Limey Press Love [Newsy Bits]



Cover art for KORTs forthcoming Invariable Heartache
  • Cover art for KORT's forthcoming Invariable Heartache
* Remember how Kurt Wagner and Cortney Tidwell were on our 10 Artists to Watch in 2010 list? And remember how they released that single whilst encouraging people to donate to flood relief? Well, they’re releasing their record in October. It’s going to be called Invariable Heartache, and you can see the album art right here — or directly to the left of this block of text.

* Hands Off Cuba — you know, the band composed mostly of incredibly talented instrumentalists who play for Kurt Wagner and/or Cortney Tidwell — have a video for their song “Defribilator.” It was directed by Hands Off Cuban Ben Marcantel with assistance from Ryan Norris, and it looks great. Get the tunes here, if you like.

* Kyle Andrews’ song “You Always Make Me Smile” is currently being featured in Holiday Inn’s “Stay You” national ad campaign. We’re not exactly early to the party on this one, but it’s a pretty big deal. Andrews’ Kangaroo will be released Aug. 31 on Elephant Lady Records.

* NME like Nashville-based outfit Mona enough to have dubbed them “Princes of Leon.” Which begs the question, how do Mona feel about getting shit on?

* Full disclosure: Caitlin Rose is my roommate and my buddy, so I try to avoid official, professional comment on her work. But this extensive write-up on Rose in The Independent — which features all sorts of Music City cameos — deserves a read. I’m sayin’. Objectively.

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