Conference Call: Colour Revolt



Behold! The first installment in the Cream's brand-new original series — we're calling it Conference Call. A few weeks back, I received an advance copy of Colour Revolt's forthcoming record, The Cradle. I liked it. So when Colour Revolt's people asked if we wanted to have frontman Jesse Coppenbarger stop by Scene HQ and play a couple of songs for us, we not only agreed; we also figured, "Why not make this a regular thing?"

Colour Revolt are originally from Mississippi, but Coppenbarger lives up here right now; I, for one, am happy to have him as an adopted Nashvillian. The Cradle will be released Aug. 10 on Dualtone, and you can pre-order it right here. Colour Revolt will be kicking off their tour with Turbo Fruits Aug. 19 at Mercy Lounge. Conference Call was shot by Seth Graves, with title design by Steve Haruch and Elizabeth Jones. Stay tuned for more.

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