Brandon Jazz Selected to Compete in Second Round of American Idol Auditions, Makes USA Today



By this point, ye Cream faithful are accustomed to the stunts and shenanigans of incendiary Armed Forces singer and self-promoter Brandon Jazz. Well, now the rest of the nation is getting a taste, as what seemingly started out as a joke quickly turned serious over the weekend, when Jazz went and lined up among throngs of starry-eyed Music City hopefuls to audition for a shot at becoming your next American Idol.

Apparently things went well, as Jazz — who sang his uber-catchy "Radical Luv" — was among those selected to compete in a second round of auditions in front of Idol's executive producers. If he prevails in that bout, he will move on to round three, in which he'll get to show his stuff to the judges, camera crews and quite possibly your mom, when she tunes to watch the show next season.

Not only did he emerge victorious in round one, Jazz managed to garner himself some national attention by making USA Today — who posted the video above to accompany this article, telling his rich and storied history of taking the piss out of religious factions such as the Westboro Baptist Church and The Church of Scientology.

Among the comments left by USA Today readers:

Well, he's sure more entertaining than the current Idol tour. Maybe they can send him over to replace Andrew or Tim on alternate nights.

OK, I think I'm really going to like this guy. I sincerely hope he makes it onto the show.

Wow, he looks like he stepped right out of a 70s album cover. …

So, whaddya think? Does Jazz have what it takes to become America's next favorite caterwaulin' corpse-raper? Bear in mind, Simon Cowell has retired his seat on the bench.

Perhaps in commemoration of Jazz's victory, Nashville rock's remix king, DPAUL, has applied his Midas Touch to The Armed Forces' latest single "Vultures" — all but canonizing it a Nashville rock classic. Listen below.

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