Lake Fever Lives: Despite Closing Its Doors on Music Row, Nashville Indie-Rock's Pre-Eminent Studio Soldiers On



Recently, some of you may have heard rumors that local-rock-centric recording studio par excellence, Lake Fever Productions, had quietly called it a day. Well, according to an email the Scene received from LF co-proprietor Joe Baine Colvert, while the studio — which counts the latest LPs from Silver Jews, Superdrag and How I Became the Bomb among its credits — has parted ways with in-house producer/engineer John Baldwin and vacated its haunt on Music Row, the Lake Fever operation is in effect:

I'm proud to inform you that Lake Fever is, indeed, alive and well. After John Baldwin left the company to pursue his own mastering service, Jason Bullock and I had no intention of dissolving Lake Fever. His departure has given us the chance to restructure our work method and refocus our energy. As Bernard Butler sings, "people move on". Well, we're moving on. … Moving out of our spot on Music Row was a tough decision, but given the monthly overhead we've been paying for the past five years, it simply made sense to end our lease. We have so many wonderful memories of that place and the whole process was all very bittersweet.

Currently, Colvert and engineer Jason Bullock are on the hunt for a new location to house the studio. In the interim they’ve set up shop at “keyboard wizard” Jitch Mones' and “the one simply known as Keafer’s” Lil Biv Town, which Colvert characterizes by saying it's “a cool spot that's close to our homes, so it should prove the perfect port for us to dock the USS Lake Fever for a spell."

So rest easy, Nashville. While local indie-rockers have temporarily lost a productive toehold on Music Row, the Lake Fever set will continue to do justice to the recordings of Middle Tennessee's finest, as well as bring every Cream reader's favorite podcast — The Chris Crofton Show — to life.

According to Colvert, among projects currently in production — post or otherwise — is a forthcoming release from Majestico.

Colvert also reassures us they’ll be continuing their partnership with videographers Tugboat Productions in bringing us Lake Fever Sessions — their web-exclusive live performance series that has featured artists ranging from locals the likes of Those Darlins, The Features and Glossary, to national notables like Travis, Elvis Perkins in Dearland, Cursive and St. Vincent. They’re in talks with like-missioned local studio Welcome to 1979 to use their sprawling West Nashville facility as a venue for shooting and recording the LF Sessions.

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