Hole at Cannery Ballroom Tonight, Dignity Holocaust Imminent



What to do with Tuesdays, right? Lost is over, you hate your friends and family, and God knows you aren't going to waste an evening doing something creative or productive. I had planned on staying in ... until I read an amazing review of Hole's show at the 9:30 club in D.C. on Sunday night.

Highlights include!

Make no mistake - this was an astonishingly awful performance that had few moments of redeeming musical value. Song titles, lyrics, guitar chords - Love remembered only some of them, and infrequently. Then again, what was really the best-case musical scenario? A competent recreation of songs more than a decade old, played by Love and her latest hired hands?

She also introduced an assistant, Lisa, who was on stage for the entire show filming Love on an iPhone. Not on the side of the stage. Not filming a few songs. The entire show, on stage, often directly in front of Love.

"Do you really like rock music?" she asked one female. "Because you're African-American. That would be like me being into Lil Wayne." She wasn't joking.

Yikes, right? I guess I'm surprised that I'm surprised. Love's recent "Behind the Music" special was really great, and endeared her to me in a way not unlike that of a very frank gynecologist: Everyone's embarrassed to be there, but the clinical levity of horrible facts is appreciated.

Tickets are still available for her performance at The Cannery tonight. I would have preferred that it stay at The Ryman, because really, would would be better than waiting all night for Courtney Love to maybe take a literal shit on the venerated stage once tread by Johnny Cash and The Jonas Brothers?

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