You Are So Nashville If ... Whatever



Hey hey, the deadline for YASNI entries is tomorrow. As you probably already know, you just complete the sentence "You are so Nashville if..." with something hilarious. If it's actually hilarious, we'll put it in the paper.

(Note: This is not a "you might be a redneck if ..." contest, so don't send any entries like "your Bluetooth is your only tooth!" because we're already going to get 1,000 of those, and none of them are going to win anything. Plus, it will make us hate you.)

Go here to fill out an entry form, or if you're on the Twitter, hit up @NashvilleScene and use #YASNI.

In case your brain-fire of the hilarities needs some kindling, here are a few topics you can choose from to get you started:

* Road to Bonnaroo

* a boy named Cash

* the miseducation of Miley Cyrus

* how WRVU is way better now, or how it totally sucks now

* fucking crabcore, dude

* what lemurs have to do with Gibson guitars

* things people say about your band after you finish playing

* Ke$ha's dental hygiene

* being on the guest list

* not being on the guest list and getting kicked out of the afterparty

* punk rock house show rules

* shows that shouldn't sell out but do

* blog comment punctuation

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