The People's KORT: Kurt Wagner and Cortney Tidwell Release First Single, 'Incredibly Lonely'



Back in February, we counted Kurt Wagner and Cortney Tidwell among our 10 Artists to Watch in 2010 because they were getting ready to record together, and even though they wouldn't tell us much about it at the time, honestly, just the idea of it got our blood moving. As Adam " 'Shroom 'Roni 'Za" Gold put it: "Considering who's involved, this is easily one of the most exciting projects potentially in the works for 2010." Well, strike "potentially" from that sentence, because KORT (as it seems they're calling themselves) have just released their first single for download, and it's damn good: "Incredibly Lonely" is a cover of a song recorded by Gene & Rod in 1968 for the Chart Records label out of Nashville. Those of you who know your history know that this is what Gold was referring to when he said some of the material would have "a personal connection to Tidwell's musical family roots — which extend deep into Nashville's soil." Languid, beautiful, restrained: Yeah, it's awesome.

While the download is free — grab it here — KORT are encouraging people who partake to also donate for Nashville flood relief. As you may have heard, Tidwell lost some equipment in the flood, and her regular drummer, Scott Martin, lost everything. A full-length effort on City Slang is slated for the fall. Full release after the jump.

Kurt Wagner (Lambchop) and Cortney Tidwell have announced that they are making a brand new song available as a download today. INCREDIBLY LONELY is the first track to be completed from a forthcoming album of duets inspired by Nashville’s musical history that will be released by City Slang Records towards the end of the year. More details will be announced soon.

The song will be available for free from but those downloading the song will be encouraged to make a donation to the Metro Nashville Disaster Response Fund, who are working to help the victims of the appalling flooding that took place in Nashville and surrounding areas during the first weekend of May, during which over twenty inches of rain fell in less than two days. The story went almost unreported: ‘bigger’ events such as the attempted bombing of New York’s Times Square and the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico meant that the significant loss of life, the destruction of homes and buildings on a grand scale, all the tragedies of this terrible event, remained almost unheard. But Nashville remains devastated.

Kurt Wagner (of Lambchop) and Cortney Tidwell were in the middle of recording their album when the floods came. Both saw their own homes damaged (and the mastering studio they had planned to use was also flooded) though neither of them suffered anything in comparison to many of the sad stories that have since emerged. In an attempt to draw attention to this neglected event, they have decided to make this track available with an honour system in place that they hope will help raise money for the flood relief funds. Nashville is in disarray and it needs your help.

INCREDIBLY LONELY is a cover of a rare song recorded by Gene & Rod and released in 1968 by Nashville based label Chart Records.

Grants from the Metro Nashville Disaster Response Fund will be made to nonprofits supporting relief, restoration and clean-up efforts in the Davidson County area in the aftermath of the flooding and storms. More information is available here:

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