Multi-Media Round-Up: Commercial Feat. Locals, Non-Coms' Lightning 100 Interview, Haruch on a Podcast & New Colour Revolt Single



* Remember when Altered Statesman's Steve Poulton and some other local rock dudes were in that bitchin' TurboTax commercial? Well, Dave Shamban — director of the aforementioned TurboTax advert — has made another one, also featuring some locals you might recognize. This time we're talkin' Nokia phones and Steve Poulton looking pretty ghetto fab. See it above.

* The Non-Commissioned Officers' Eric Lehning and Jonathan Brock sat down with Lightning 100 at Bonnaroo, talking about their experience in the bog and what the future holds for The Non-Coms. Lehning's sounding awfully lucid and informative ... that interview must have taken place at least two hours before I first ran into him. Seriously though, good talk.

* Commander-In-Chief of this here blog and generally awesome dude Steve Haruch appeared on the ninth installment of the Chicago Public Radio-produced podcast Hit It or Quit It. He talked a bit about his cover story from two weeks back. You know who the lead guest on his episode was? Superchunk/Merge/Portastatic founder and verifiable badass Mac McCaughan. That's who. Coolest beans ever.

* A little while back, I got a promo copy of Colour Revolt's forthcoming The Cradle and spun it for ARAD. Frontman Jesse Coppenbarger is a Nashville transplant, so I'm going to go ahead and claim these dudes as locals. They've given us permission to post "8 Years," Coppenbarger's dirty, verbose, acerbic and angular account of what it's like to be an indie-rock dude for the better part of a decade. Good track. Peep it here or directly below.

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