Best Coast to Play Mercy Lounge, Sept. 12



Prepare your skinny jeans and ironic T-shirts, Nashville. Current indie-rock "it girl" Bethany Cosentino, better known as Best Coast, is coming to Mercy Lounge on Sept. 12, with borderline-un-Googleable New Yorkers Cults.

If you haven't been keeping up with the blogosphere, or seemingly any episode of All Songs Considered featuring Carrie Brownstein, Best Coast is the latest benefactor/victim of the Pitchfork hype machine— benefactor because they've staged a marathon love-in for the slew of 7-inch records she put out last year; victim because when her record comes out next month, they'll probably give it a 3.3 for no good reason and move on.

Hipster brigade aside, Best Coast is actually pretty good if you're into lazy, lowest-of-the-lo-fi California garage pop. What I've heard from her upcoming debut Crazy For You relaxes on the "recorded on a boombox" aesthetic, but her songs are still chill summertime anthems about the beach. Seriously, if you love songs about beaches, this is the band for you. And if nothing else, "When I'm With You" is serious seasonal mixtape fodder.

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