Rock 'n' Roll Caravan of Show Posters Hits Nashville Tonight en Route to Bonnaroo



Rock posters. You love them. I love them. We hang them in our cubicles to make us feel like maybe we're at an awesome rock show instead of sitting in a cubicle that's the color of a pigeon. (It totally works!) If you love rock posters — you do; we just covered that — tonight's the night to catch a collection of posters on their way to Bonnaroo. The Rock 'n' Roll Caravan rolls into Edgehill Village, and the flier promises — in addition to the motorcading prints — special limited edition designs based on artists from Brite Revolution, the music sharing site that hosts songs and shares profits with charities. (Their motto: "Discover great artists. Support great causes. Get great music.")

Featured printmakers include Powerhouse Factories (Cincinnati), Status Serigraph (Knoxville), Guy Burwell (Portland), Lil' Tuffy (San Francisco), Furturtle (SLC), Mexican Chocolate (Austin), Boss Construction (Nashville).

You may not know Andy from Boss Construction, but if you've been to either of the last two Cream anniversary parties (or any number of other shows around Nashville), you know his work. Exhibit is tonight at The Dark Room in Edgehill Village (1200 Villa Place, Ste 401), right next to Brite Revolution, natch. Speaking of, you can pick up their mobile app here.

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