Next Big Nashville Deadline Extended, Tennessee Teens Rock Camp Cocktails [Newsy Bits]



* Hey, people in bands, you've got an extra week to apply for a slot at this year's Next Big Nashville. Did you remember that the deadline was coming up? Were you waiting to hear back from your bass player, who missed your last practice and who's maybe living with his girlfriend now or something, in her dad's car somewhere in Antioch? Or something? Well, now you've got until Monday, June 21 to get your collective shit together and hand it over to either American SongSpace or the new local contender Festivalus. Don't be a fool and forget some more. [NBN]

* Hey, people in bands who were once people who didn't know you were going to one day play in bands, why not help out some kids who want to go to rock 'n' roll camp? It's easy, even for musicians: All you have to do is drink! Tonight at Cha Chah, the Belmont tapas-style bar and restaurant, a portion of bar tabs and all tips will go to help pay one lucky kid's way at this year's Tennessee Teens Rock 'n' Roll Camp. Easy. (TNTRC, which is co-educational, happens thanks to the same good people behind the Southern Girls Rock and Roll Camp.) DJ, raffle prizes and drink specials are all part of the mix, too. Tonight from 6-11 p.m., 2013 Belmont Blvd. [The Facebook]

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