Gee-tar Learnin': Only Two Weeks Left to Register for TSU's Guitar Summit




I'm reminded of a joke I was recently told by my S.O.

Q: How do you get a guitar player to shut up?

A: Put sheet music in front of him.

Har-dee-har aside — and guitar playin' types may disagree with this — but I do kinda think you should learn the rules before you break 'em. it just makes the work more interesting when it's truly thumbing its nose at convention, instead of just accidentally. That said, I can never decide if poetry workshops and music conferences and RIM degrees and rock camps and master's degrees are the bane of the would-be expert or the saving grace. Are such things a wellspring of ideas and networking options, yours for the taking, or merely a fraudulent attempt at peddling something that can never actually be bought, sold, passed on or absorbed by osmosis?

One thing's for sure: It can never hurt to hone your craft under the instruction of folks who've arguably been at it longer and better than you have. The TSU Guitar Summit offers just that on June 26 and 27 with a bevy of instructors and classes that will have you closer to acoustic fingerpicking mastery and chord theory simplification than you previously thought possible. But there's only two weeks left to register. New classes and instructors:


Andy Ellis ("The Guitar Show," Premier Guitar Magazine)
Chord Theory Simplified
Creative Accompaniment

Gary Talley (The Box Tops, Songwriter, Author)
Southern Soul and Classic R&B

Denny Sarokin ("Lick-Tionary", "Songwriting in 3D")
Acoustic Fingerstyle Intensive

Mark Robinson (Chicago Blues, Producer, Educator)
Blues Intensive, Slide
Utility Instrument Workshop

Dave Isaacs (TSU Guitar Instructor, Performer, Writer)
Rock & Jazz Improvisation
Rhythm & Groove Workshop
The Nashville Number System

NEW FOR 2010 . . .

• Songwriting clinic with Grammy-winning songwriter ROBERT LEE CASTLEMAN
("Like Red on a Rose"; "The Lucky One"; "Restless"; "Sneakin' Around")

• Special clinic with Nashville rock legend WEBB WILDER
"(Webb) flat out rocks. They serve up potent Southern comfort." - Rolling Stone

• Saturday night faculty concert

• Panel discussion on guitar recording & session work

• Workshops set up for maximum interaction between instructors and students - and between the instructors, too.

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