Internet Sensation 'Wrong Gig' Drummer to Play Nashville's Moose Lodge July 2; None of Us Is Invited



If you haven’t seen the above video by now (read: by about four days ago), then you’re doing the Internet wrong. That’s flair specialist and meme-flavor-of-the-month Steve Moore bashing skins with his West Virginia-based covers outfit, Rick K. and the Allnighters. Well, Rick & Co.’s MySpace page says they’re coming to Nashville on July 2, and according to Nashville’s Dead, locals Ben Steine’s Money will be opening. Seriously.

The show will be held at Nashville’s Moose Lodge — the local chapter of Moose International — and is open to members only. I put in a call to the lodge, and the nice lady who answered the phone confirmed that the show is most definitely off-limits to the general public. And that’s precisely why you need to go ahead and submit for membership right now. Like most fraternal orders, the membership requirements for Moose appear to be mysterious and difficult to discern. But hey, they’re a service organization that does good work within the community, so we’re talking about a win-win scenario here.

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