David Vandervelde's New Song Is Called 'Checkin' Out My Baby'



What can I really say about this new David Vandervelde song, other than it is -tinged as hell? Perhaps that it sounds almost as if it has been transplanted from another decade? I mean, it's like Wham! if Wham! had been more '60s- and glam-tinged and also more -tinged by The Cars (who were themselves '60s-tinged). It's also really good in a big, blasty, summery kind of way.

Check out "Checkin' Out My Baby" over at MBV.

Then head over to Secretly Canadian to pick up DV's new digital single, also called "Checkin' Out My Baby." Or do neither of those things and see what that does for you. And I swear I'm only bringing this up because the Secretly Canadian site mentions Footloose, but dude totally looks Kenny Loggins-tinged. I mean, right?

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