CACTUS'S Psyching Us Out?




Adam Gold has described local three-piece CACTUS'S as "At the Drive-In covering XTC." Try as I might, I'm not sure I could more accurately convey their sound than Gold did with that sentiment. At least not without using words like "post-hardcore" and "angular." Anyway, CACTUS'S — or someone representing CACTUS'S — apparently posted the above image (which to me, by the way, looks like a kinda sweet owl-wolverine hybrid) on a telephone poll across the street from Scene headquarters. Had they posted their sign across from the Scene HQ just a few weeks earlier — when we Creamers were still located in our outpost by the zoo — the result would have just been a lot of confused advertising people. Instead, the result was a lot of confused advertising people and two writers (myself and Gold) who know who CACTUS'S are.

So ... what was their goal in posting the image on that telephone pole? Are CACTUS'S trying to "go viral"? There's no info on the sign about any sort of forthcoming record or show, so I'm not sure if it's a marketing campaign. Prodding us for coverage? Just havin' a laugh? Anyway, it's actually a pretty nicely crafted sign, so the CACTUS'S guys might want to come claim it soon. I think I heard some of the Nfocus people talking about tearing it down and throwing it away, because it kinda freaks them out. CACTUS'S are opening for Lovedrug at Exit/In June 24.

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