Uncle Skeleton Releases Warm Under the Covers at Moustache May Celebration, May 29



Open up this week’s glossy — or click right here — and you’ll find Emily Hines’ pick on Michael Eades’ Moustache May celebration this Saturday, May 29, at Mercy Lounge. In addition to serving as a gala in honor of the most regal and prestigious follicular facial adornment there is, the show will also, as it turns out, function as a record release show for Uncle Skeleton’s latest, Warm Under the Covers. Uncle Skeleton is the brainchild Ross Wariner, who you might recognize as half of the partially dissolved duo KinderCastle (word is that KinderCastle will be releasing a record soon; they're just not playing live anymore). I gave WUtC a few spins yesterday, and I wrote about it over at A Record a Day. Now I quote myself:

From the playful, music-box-like plinking of “Smaltilder” to jazz-, swing- and reggae-inflected elements all throughout the record, Wariner proves — even more so than with Pancho Chumley — to be incredibly gifted at piecing together subtle, beautifully executed parts (strings and keys more than anything else) that compliment one another rather than clashing. Trust me; that’s a difficult skill. Jeff Lynne and a few others could do it, but typically, tunes featuring this many ambitious parts tend to sound like a jumbled mess. Wariner utilized the talents of many local players in putting this one together, and they all shine. It’s tight, and it’s riddled with chop-laden performances and sweet, moving melodies. Recommended for fans of ’60s baroque pop (Beach Boys), symphonic classic rock and prog (ELO, King Crimson) and synth pop (from Devo to MGMT).

Warm Under the Covers will be out via Michael Eades’ YK Records, and you can procure it digitally or CD-wise on Saturday. It’ll be out on vinyl in a couple of weeks. For those of you torn between the Moustache May show and Candice Burnside’s breast cancer benefit at Exit/In that same night, good news: The Moustache May show will also be a charitable benefit for a good cause. “A portion of the door will go towards the YWCA,” reads Mercy Lounge’s site, “helping women leave abusive households and start new lives.” Listen to "Allright" from Warm Under the Covers below or at Uncle Skeleton's Bandcamp.

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