Armed Forces vs. The Westboro Baptist Church, Pt. 2 [Special Report]



Alright, here it is: The footage all of you — or at least some — have been impatiently awaiting. Above is the video for Armed Forces' latest, "Vultures (You Never Shut Up)." Shot on location and using no professional actors, the clip captures front — and only(?) — man Brandon Jazz's hotly debated spree of Sunday-morning harassment, perpetrated at the expense of radical haters representing the Westboro Baptist Church, this past weekend. Given the smiles on faces of Fred Phelps' God-fearing sycophants, it appears as though Jazz was successful in warming their cold cockles with his performance. All you need is luv.

In an effort to further their message of rock 'n' roll righteousness, Armed Forces have set up a Kickstarter page to finance the pressing of the "Radical Luv" and "Vultures" 7-inches on colored vinyl. Proceeds from the sale of the two singles will go toward Nashville flood relief efforts via MusiCares. For more on Kickstarter click here.

I suggest that, for his next antic, Jazz risk his neck (literally) and take on pastor Maury Davis and folks over at Cornerstone Church.

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