Kevin Dunn In-Store, Today at Grimey's



Southern new wave architect Kevin Dunn is appearing at Grimey's this evening; 6 p.m. to be precise. Our resident data-cataloging music-bot Adam Gold has the info for you:

An egregiously underrated innovator as a member of Atlanta’s long-lost punk nuggeteers The Fans, and producer of such seminal Southern new wave classics as The B-52s’ “Rock Lobster” and Pylon’s Gyrate, Kevin Dunn is one of the architects of the 1980s American underground sound. His name isn’t one you hear dropped with the same frequency as a Mould or a Morrissey, but that’s only because fate hasn’t been as kind to Dunn as it has to his contemporaries. It’s also because his greater discography has been largely out of print for more than two decades. That all changes this month with the release of No Great Lost: Songs, 1979-1985, a sprawling anthology that showcases the scope of his influence. Rife with savagely clever lyrics that teeter on tastelessness, warped hooks, and a large helping of demented Bowie- and Eno-inspired pop, the compilation is a must for fans of the idiom, revealing Dunn as a key link in the chain between British and American new wave. Don’t believe me? Then toss out all your R.E.M., dB’s and Feelies records and see what’s missing.

As always, the in-store is free.

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