Road Trip to Louisville Part Deux: DEVO (and 74 other artists) Added to Forecastle 2010 Lineup


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Back in March D. Piddy told you about the "pretty OK" initial lineup for this year's Forecastle Festival in Louisville, Ky. Festival organizers apparently got the "pretty OK" memo and proceeded to step up their game, as earlier this week, they announced an additional 75 artists who will appear as the whole jubilee transpires, July 9-11. Many of them are not shitty.

Among the artists joining the already announced Flaming Lips, Spoon, a reunited Cap'n Jazz and Ted Leo, include Cake, She & Him, Wax Fang and, most importantly, fucking DEVO — who will headline the second day of the festival. Click here to peruse the full lineup and purchase tickets — they go for $60-$300.

Now, I know what some of you are gonna assume about DEVO circa-2010; "they're old ... they were through being cool in 1982 ... etc." Shut up, and as Bill Hicks would say, "Stop your internal monologue." DEVO are still awesome innovators. Check out their bizarre YouTube channel, DEVOvision, if you doubt me. They even have a new record — their first in 20 years, Something for Everybody — due out next month. The single is pretty good.

I've been fortunate enough to see the band a couple times since their 1996 reformation and I can tell you from experience that they totally slay live. They still rock the radiation suits, knee pads and energy domes, and they flawlessly execute the best their discography has to offer with all the oddball shenanigans and performance hi-jinks that made their live shows legendary in the dawn of new wave. If you consider yourself even a casual fan than you'd be a fool not to wanna see it for yourself. Don't fuck this one up.

All this talk about DEVO reminds of something: Sometimes nothing rules harder than sitting around and watching classic DEVO videos — art-rock appreciation's most fulfilling time-killer. I've been doing it a lot lately — my urges are simply uncontrollable, I wanna tell you all about, it makes me scream and shout it.

Since I figured some of you out there would like to join me in grooving on Spud-dom, below I've posted over an hour's worth of visually stimulating testimonials that speak the truth about de-evolution, and none of them are for the song "Whip It." Watch each and every one, because they all rule. So, as John Mayer would say, "take all your big plans and break 'em, this is bound to be a while." YouTube is a wonderland. Enjoy!

Also, can we get the campaign to get DEVO inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame underway already? They've been eligible for seven years now. This shit is getting ridiculous.

The single greatest cover version of any song ever.

The second greatest cover version of any song ever?

Van Halen for nerds.

DOVE: The Band of Love


Letterman '82

Cube Squared!

Always wear your helmet.

The new single!


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