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We all know the national media took its sweet time getting around to covering The Flood. You know who Ben Folds thinks did a better job? That's right: Ben Folds. National Geographic (I refuse to say "Nat Geo") put up a slideshow of Folds' flood photos, along with captions, including this one:

"When I realized the extent of the flood I was disappointed in the media," says Folds. "Because I was online constantly and had seen very little that showed what was actually happening. I think also that many who were in the middle of it hadn't had time to upload pictures - the ones that had been uploaded just weren't shot in a way that told the story, which is just a matter of technique and experience. Honestly just because you aim a camera at something doesn't mean its going to translate. As is always the case, the more access people have to images that tell the story, the more awareness, help and results you can get so I thought I should get some images up on twitter."

Not only were the media not doing enough, ordinary people's photos really lacked technique.

Folds also says, "I didn't have time for film in this case, although I did shoot some film. I used my Blackberry phone, as well as my 6x7 Mamiya. The film obviously won't be developed and printed for a while as I'm now on tour. The composition of the shots will be similar." [Via]

Speaking of Ben Folds being on tour, he dropped by the The Onion's A.V. Club to record a song for their "Undercover" series, wherein they've picked 25 songs for bands to cover. (Hey look, it's Justin Townes Earle singing Bruce Springsteen.) Folds takes on Elliott Smith's "Say Yes" while sitting in a small round room that's painted like a Chicago flag. As you can imagine, Folds' version doesn't really approach the despair of the original, but that's probably less a matter of technique than experience.

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