Harlem Play Benefit In-Store at Grimey's, May 13



I already told you that Harlem’s coming to The End on Thursday, May 13. But what I haven’t told you is that they’re playing Grimey’s that day as well, and they’re encouraging folks to bring “non-perishable food clothing, et cetera.” While I like the idea of “non-perishable food clothing” — like a face collar designed for eating your ramen, for instance — I think we all know what they mean. The show is free and open to folks of all ages, and donations go to flood victims. I busted out precisely two sentences on Harlem’s debut, Hippies, a few weeks ago, but I beefed it up Pick-style for this week’s glossy. Check:

Newest additions to the Matador Records roster Harlem originally hail from Tuscon, but the garage-punk trio seems to have gotten the hell out of Dodge just in the nick of time. And yes, by “Dodge,” I mean “Arizona.” Now based in Austin, Harlem make a fuzzy, lo-fi sort of rock ’n’ roll that, to quote myself, “is delivered with stoned indifference and a dash of sunshine-pop influence.” Sure, you could say outfits like The Black Lips do the whole modern-day Seeds/Sonics/13th Floor Elevators thing pretty well — and have been doing it longer — but Harlem don’t ditch strong melodies in favor of sloppy aesthetics. As loose and unrefined as they may be, they have undeniable pop know-how. And with 16 songs on their full-length debut, Hippies, as well as a propensity for instrument-swapping and general live antics, $8 seems an awfully small price to pay, right? Right.

To reiterate: in-store at Grimey’s = free, all ages, taking food and clothing donations for flood victims. Show at The End = $8 with Heavy Cream and Cy Barkley opening. Have a listen to Harlem’s “Someday Soon” from Hippies below via the link or the embed. Dig that hooky chorus, friends.

Harlem — “Someday Soon” [MP3]

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