Slowmotions B-Sides Collection Square Piggy / Round Holly



We would have told you this yesterday, but we were up to our you-know-whats in you-know-what, and you know that means we didn't quite get to it. Andrew Brassell, aka Slowmotions (aka Mr. Wowza, aka And the Relatives frontdude) has released a collection of "B-sides," blips, outtakes and oddities taken from the recording of last year's engaging Quick Potions album. This new one's called Square Piggy / Round Holly, and you can download it for free if you want, and for more than free if you feel like giving money to someone for making music that you enjoy. "Not intended as a cohesive album," the notes read, "but rather a comprehensive document of creation."

And how does the doc sound? Here's the first song, "No Tango":

Also, while I dig the album art, it does remind me of something ... just sayin'. Good stuff. Go check it out.

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