The Great Nashville Flood of 2010: How You Doin'?



Good morning, Nashville — hope everybody's OK, and preferably dry. If you were bummed that the flood ruined your plans to see Goo Goo Dolls at The Ryman, the show got rescheduled for tonight. However, if you've been following the #OtherSituation2010, you've heard that downtown's been closed between First and Fifth. Basically, don't go downtown right now. In other bad news, the Schermerhorn is apparently taking on water.

The one music venue we'd be most concerned about in a time like this is The Basement, but we haven't heard anything. Geoff, Grimey, everything OK? Mercy Lounge survived; according to their Twitter account, they're canceling their Cinco de Mayo party and instead they're putting together a show "to raise some money to help the city and people we love. ... We need bands and more." Email drew [at] to get involved. To get involved in other ways, go to Hands on Nashville, where volunteer efforts are being coordinated. They definitely need you. And if you get out in some flood water, wash your hands afterward. Speaking of water, we're headed for a shortage, so please limit your water usage to drinking and cooking. (If your bong's low, try brandy.)

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