Weekend Round-Up: Moving (Again) Style


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Sup, freaks? I know we told you guys about how we were moving out to our fabulous, hot new locale near the zoo a few months back. (Beware the giant cones in the above link, by the way.) Anyhow, we're bouncing back to The Gulch this afternoon. Look out, old stomping grounds! No more kicking it with the monkeys on our smoke breaks. Seriously. We can sometimes hear the monkeys on our smoke breaks.

This weekend is rife with good-time potential. Tonight, you've got Pujol and How Cozy at Rocketown's temporary location, Local Natives at The Basement (their Talking Heads cover is the best thing they do), plus Lylas, Guilty Pleasures, Wick-It and more. Tomorrow, Pretty Lights are hosting an electro fest, Timbre's releasing a CD and Jimmy Buffett's blowing like a cool, banana-scented tropical breeze through the Bridgestone Arena. Question: Are Parrotheads the smooth, middle-aged answer to Juggalos? Nah, that's probably not fair ... to either group. Oh, before I forget: Read these incredible ICP lyrics! Alright, this weekend's hotness after the jump.


* Clash of the Genres feat. Pujol, Stan vs. Wild, Apathy Edge, Average Age Statue, The Man in the Moon, How Cozy! & Debi Burnett at RCKTWN

* Darren Beachley and the Legends of the Potomoc at Station Inn

* Local Natives w/Sucker at The Basement

* Lylas w/Ave Marling & Eric Radoux at Little Hamilton

* The Running w/Wick-It, Paradise Daze, Jonathan Sexton and the Big Love Choir & more at Exit/In

* Guilty Pleasures at Mercy Lounge

* Chopin & Mahler feat. Ingrid Fliter at Schermerhorn

The rest is here.


* Illumination feat. Pretty Lights w/Ana Sia, Daedelus, Gift of Gab & more at Limelight

* Jimmy Buffett at Bridgestone Arena

* Timbre CD Release Party feat. Carina Pearson and the Soil & Sun at The Rutledge

* Imaad Wasif w/The Naked Eyes & Forties at The End

* Martin Sexton w/The Ryan Montbleau Band

* Milktooth Acoustic Show feat. The Poly Blends & Natalie Prass upstairs at Bongo Java on Belmont. Milktooth's releasing an acoustic DVD/EP

* The CB Tucker Band w/Jeff Zentner, Luke Ash & Scissormen at Matty's Alley

* Sarah Silva w/Chancellor Warhol at 12th & Porter

* Caprice w/The Worsties & Slow Motion Centerfold at Exit/In

* Oblio w/Oso Closo, Jompson Brothers & Teddy and the Bears at The 5 Spot

* The Sons of Zevon Present: 1971 at Family Wash

The rest is here.


* Kaki King w/An Horse at 3rd & Lindsley

* Avid Gardener w/How Cozy! Day Kids, Pharmacy Spirits, Conestyle & Deluxin’ at Little Hamilton

* The Goo Goo Dolls w/The Rocket Summer at The Ryman

* Rae Hering w/Alvin Love at The 5 Spot

The rest is here.


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